Are you visiting Pensacola Beach and looking for a fun adventure?  With over 20 miles of pristine sugar-white beaches surrounded by emerald-blue waters, scooter rentals in Pensacola Beach Florida is an experience you won’t soon forget. Whether you prefer the traditional 2-wheeled scooter or want to experience the 3-wheeled trikes or coupes, there are several small businesses at the beach to exceed your expectations.

It’s like a dream to ride along the Gulf on a beautiful, sunny day.  The sun beaming down, the wind in your hair, in full relaxation mode.  Simply, it’s an incredible experience that you simply must experience to understand.  Above all,  there are miles and miles of ocean and sandy beaches to wash away your worries as you breathe in the refreshing saltwater air.  If you’re looking to spend an hour or even a day riding around Santa Rosa Island, then you’ve found the most complete guide for renting and riding scooters in Pensacola Beach.

In this article, we tell you why you should ride a scooter in this beach paradise, while also giving you thorough advice and tips on how to safely follow Florida state laws.  Moreover, we provide a full description of the type of scooters available for rent.  We even tell you your legal obligations while providing you with hints on how to make sure you have all the bases covered.  Finally, we provide you with average starting prices and frequently asked questions.  Lastly, we provide a complete local directory of business the rent scooters on Pensacola Beach.

Scooter Rentals in Pensacola Beach Florida

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Why You Should Rent a Scooter at the Beach

Scooters are  a fun way to explore a tropical paradise like Pensacola Beach.  Several businesses offer scooter rentals in Pensacola Beach Florida, many within walking distance to the resorts and condos.  Scooters are very easy to ride.  The rental agent will give you a brief lesson on accelerating, breaking, and steering your scooter.

Scooter Rental Overview

Lead your own pack when visiting Pensacola Beach by renting a scooter, moped or scoot coupe.  The freedom and the open-air feeling is a right of passage on Via De Luna Drive, especially for teens.  Teenagers, by law (with certain restrictions) can rent and ride mopeds.  That is to say, scooters must be rented by an 18 year old with a valid driver’s license, but a minor is permitted to ride with parent or guardian consent.  Consent requires a signature of the parent or guardian.  What’s worse than waiting in traffic to go to your favorite seafood restaurant, or trying to find a parking spot at the beach?  During the crowded summer months (May through July), when parking is a premium and traffic is dense, scooters are at an advantage.  Above all, scooter rentals are a fun, affordable and practical way to explore Santa Rosa Island.

What to Wear

  1. Helmet – though you’re not required to wear a helmet by Florida law, helmets have proven to save lives.  Helmets will be provided by your rental agent.  A good helmet has an authentic Department of Transportation sticker.  Wearing a helmet also reduces wind noise and minimizes debris from getting in your eyes.
  2. Eye Protection – your eyes are extremely precious.  It is recommended that you wear eye protection that is shatterproof.  Always make sure it is clean and unscratched.
  3. Jackets – it may sound counter-intuitive to wear a jacket on the beach during the summer, but a good jacket will provide protection.  Made of denim, nylon or leather, a good jacket will protect you from road abrasions.  Modern motorcycle jackets are breathable and plenty of air is circulated through the jacket.
  4. Pants – made of tough synthetic materials or leather, riding pants will protect your skin from road abrasions.
  5. Gloves – you should always wear gloves.  When you fall, it’s natural to brace yourself with your hands.
  6. Boots – with soles that are made of durable, non-skid material.

Your Legal Responsibilities

If a scooter has a 50cc engine or less, it is not considered a motorcycle under Florida law.  Most scooters on Pensacola Beach have 49cc engines.  Here’s some of the applicable Florida state laws, as of 2020.  Be sure to ask your rental agent of special laws, rules or conditions apply to you.

  • To legally ride a scooter on the street you must be 16 years old and have a valid drivers license from any state.
  • Passengers and riders 16 and over are not required to wear a helmet as long as the scooter cannot exceed 30 MPH on level ground.
  • It is not legal to ride scooters on the yellow lines between lanes.
  • Scooters are not permitted in bicycle or pedestrian lanes.


Scooters are typically very safe in the tourism district of Pensacola Beach.  Renters aren’t allowed, by law, to take scooters off of Santa Rosa Island.  Secondly, It’s generally unpleasant to ride a scooter on an unpaved road, so we’d recommend you stay on paved roads.  To that point, the soft beaches of the Gulf Coast are not good surfaces to ride on, as you will get stuck.  Some rental companies may have restrictions on the types of roads you’re permitted to drive on, be sure to check their policies.

If you rent a scooter and driving only on pavement, you’ll want to be careful there as well.  If you’re crossing areas where sand, loose gravel or dirt has built up on the road (or rain has washed it there), then scooters slide easily.  Drive with caution in these areas.

In the state of Florida, you are not required to wear a helmet, however, it is highly encouraged.  According the Advocates For Highway & Auto Safety “Per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists were nearly 28 times more frequently killed in a traffic crash than occupants of passenger cars in traffic crashes.”  Under Florida law, passengers on scooters under the age of 16 are required to wear a helmet.

You should never ride a scooter when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  It’s not only against the law, but could result in an injury or death to you or someone else.  Finally, the National Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers a safety guide for scooter riders for you to peruse before you take your first cruise.

Types of Scooters

Pensacola Scooter DirectoryThere are three types of scooters abundantly available to rent near Pensacola Beach.  The two-wheeled scooter, a three-wheeled scooter trike, and a ScoopCoupe, or ScootCar.  A ScoopCoupe is a three-wheeled, two-seater vehicle with a moped engine.  It’s classified as a moped-type vehicle so it does not require a motorcycle license to operate.  Florida law requires ScoopCoupe drivers to be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.  Passengers can be under 18 but must be over 35 lbs.  All passengers are required to wear protective eye-wear (which can be sunglasses or goggles).  Unlike scooters or mopeds, you do not have to have closed-toed shoes on to rent a ScoopCoupe.

Pensacola Beach Scooter Rental Prices

Prices will vary slightly depending on which local business you rent from and season in which you rent.  The summer months are the busiest times for rental shops, so prices will increase during the summer vacation months.  Please refer to the rental agent website for the most up-to-date rates.  You can use the Pensacola Scooter Directory below to find scooter rentals in Pensacola Beach Florida.

A 2-wheeled scooter rental starts around $35 an hour, $70 for a day or $90 overnight.  Secondly, Scooter trikes can be rented for around $45 for 2 hours or $100 per day.  Overnight rentals start at $135.  Lastly, you can rent a ScoopCoupe starting around $50 an hour, $115 for half-day,  and $135 daily.  Typically, overnight rentals are not permitted for these scooters.

Scooter FAQ

Am I required to carry proof of insurance on a rented scooter?

Florida law does not require you to carry insurance on a scooter, so you don’t need a proof of insurance.  However, if you’re involved in an accident, you may be financially responsible for the costs of property damage or injuries.  Before you rent a scooter, contact your insurance company and ask them if your automobile insurance extends to scooter rentals in Pensacola Beach Florida.

What kind of scooters can I rent on Pensacola Beach?

You can rent two-wheeled scooters, mopeds, scooter-trikes, and scootcars (ScoopCoupes).

Do I have to wear a helmet?

By Florida law, you’re not required to wear a helmet.  Passengers under 16 are required to wear a helmet.  However, it is highly encouraged to wear a helmet, which should be available in the rental office.

Do I have to wear protective eyewear?

Yes, you must wear some kind of eye protection, which can be as little as sunglasses.  It is recommended that you have eyewear with shatterproof lenses.

Can I wear flip flops when riding a scooter?

You are highly discouraged from riding a 2-wheeled scooter with flip flops.  We recommend closed toed shoes because you will be required to put your foot down when you come to a stop.  Your feet will thank us later.  And, who wants to spend the rest of their vacation hobbling around or any time at the urgent care if it can be prevented?

Pensacola Beach Scooter Rental PricesDo I have to fill the gas tank back up before I return the scooter?

No, the cost of gas is typically included in the rental.  Be sure to double-check the rental policy with your rental agent.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

Contact the local rental agent regarding their policies around deposits.  A deposit may be required to reserve a scooter.  Keep in mind that rental companies have your credit card on file, and as part of the rental agreement, may charge it if damage occurs to the scooter.

Where am I allowed to park a scooter?

You can park a scooter anywhere you can park a car, plus you can park them in designated parking areas for scooters or motorcycles.

What if the scooter I’m riding is damaged or stolen?

You will be contractually obligated to be financially responsible for the scooter.  Some companies may offer insurance for an additional fee.  If the scooter is stolen, contact the rental office and file a police report.  Therefore, before you rent a scooter, contact your automobile insurance company and ask them what they cover when you rent a scooter.

Do you need to wear seatbelts on any of the equipment that has a seat belt?

Yes, you must obey all applicable laws when operating a motor vehicle.

Can you rent scooters overnight?

Yes, you can rent scooters for the day or overnight IF the rental office allows.  Check the Pensacola Scooter Directory for more information on their websites.

Should I make a reservation?

During the peak season (March through July), it is highly recommended to make a reservation.  However, if scooters are available to rent, a reservation is not required.

Can I ride scooters on the shoulder of the road or on sidewalks?

No, it is against Florida law.

Do you have to have a motorcycle license to rent a scooter?

Not in the state of Florida.

What is the minimum and maximum age restrictions for driving a scooter in Pensacola?

To rent a scooter, moped or ScootCar you must have a valid drier’s license.  Under 18 must have parent or guardian signature to drive.  There is no maximum age for scooter rentals in Pensacola Beach Florida.

How old do I have to be to rent a scooter in Pensacola

You must be 18 and have a valid driver’s license?

Can someone else ride the scooter I rent?

A minor under who is 16-18 may ride the scooter with parent/guardian permission.  However, be certain to check the policies of the rental company, and tell them who will be riding the scooter.  The contract and waiver you sign typically specifies who should be riding the scooter.  Remember that you are financially responsible for any damage done to the scooter, or if involved in an accident, you may be liable for property damage or injuries.

Do I have to sign a liability release?

Most local businesses require you to agree to their terms of the lease in a contract.  This contract most often includes a release of liability.

What’s included with the scooter rental?

Scooter, helmet, and goggles. Many companies offer a map to help you navigate the area.

Is delivery available for scooter rentals?

No, delivery is typically not available for scooters.

Pensacola Scooter Directory

These are not paid or affiliate links. A site’s inclusion on this page should not be considered an endorsement of their service.  All users should carry out their own due diligence before paying for any services offered.  If we missed including a local business in this directory, please contact us!

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