Are you are ready to experience the beach like few ever get to?  Then you must try parasailing in Pensacola Beach Florida.  Parasailing will allow you to tower over the emerald blue-green waters and white sand beaches of famous Pensacola Beach in the most exhilarating way imaginable.  For example, you may even catch a glimpse of sharks, dolphins, sea turtles or eagle rays.

This article is the one-stop-shop to answer all of your questions about parasailing in Pensacola Beach!  First, I’ll outline the variety of parasailing experiences available on your Pensacola Beach parasailing adventure.  Secondly, we include the types and options available for  your parasailing adventure.  Thirdly, we’ll also list parasail weight limit, parasail height limit, parasail age limit, as well as medical conditions that may exclude you from going parasailing.  Additionally, there are tips, such as what to bring with you and what to wear, as well as some frequently asked questions.  Finally, we also include a directory of local businesses that offer parasailing in Pensacola Beach.

Parasailing in Pensacola Beach Florida

Table of Contents

Why You Should Go Parasailing at Pensacola Beach
Pensacola Beach Parasailing Adventures
Pensacola Beach Parasailing Prices
Parasailing FAQ
Pensacola Paramotor Directory

Why You Should Go Parasailing near Pensacola Beach

Parasailing starts with the thrill of riding on a boat.  Then there’s the excitement of ascending, and the calmness and beauty you experience when fully extended 600 feet into the air.  It’s literally like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and will be a story you share for the rest of your life.  Parasailing will build your confidence through conquering your fears, and it’s incredibly affordable and can be done by people of all ages and sizes.  A better question might be why wouldn’t you parasail?

Views you can’t get anywhere else

From above the Gulf Of Mexico you’ll bear witness to astounding views of the sugary white sands of Pensacola Beach.  You’ll soar up to 600 feet where you can enjoy a birds eye view of Casino Beach, Pensacola Beach Pier and Fort Pickens.  Once you’re parasailing adventure is complete, the boat crew will bring you back aboard, safe and sound.

That Feeling of Flying

If you’ve ever been envious of birds, parasailing is for you!  You’ll be flying along with the the Gulls and the Pelicans as they track the schools of fish they’re pursuing.  You will literally be able to see for miles and miles.

Incredible Quietness

Flying in an airplane has the drawbacks of noise, vibration and stale air.  While Parasailing in Pensacola Beach you’ll experience serenity and quiet like no other.  You truly must experience it to believe it!

Unique and Incredible Fun

Whether your idea of fun is sitting back and enjoying the unimaginable scenery or the thrill of take off and flight, this incredible experience will fill either bill.  If you experience this with a friend or two, you’ll share an incredible and unique bonding experience that will last a life time!Goodnight Pensacola

Overcome Your Fears

If you’re not a little nervous when you put on that harness, you’re probably not alive.  But rest assured you can leave all of the work to your experienced and well-trained staff to walk you through each step.  There’s no jumping involved – your sail “catches air” and you get to hang out for the ride.  The White-Miskell Act of 2014 requires commercial parasailing operators to log weather permissions before embarking, forbids operations during severe weather conditions, and requires operators to be licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and limits operations near airports.

Pensacola Beach Parasailing Adventures

On your first or next Pensacola Beach Parasailing Adventure, you should be aware of the options available to you.  Options begin with how many people ride at a time.  Further options include the time of day and the type of boat the pulls you.  You can also choose a “dry landing” or to get “dipped” in the water to cool off.  Be sure to ask what your options are so that you can take have the best experience possible.

Parasailing Adventure Options

There are more options than you may have even thought about when parasailing.

Single rider

Parasailing as a single rider.

Tandem riders

Typically 2 to 3 individuals.  When riding 2 or more, the weight of all the individuals must be under the maximum allowed weight.

Sunrise cruises

Imagine parasailing as the sun rises, the dolphins and other marine life are active and feeding.  Birds of prey are following schools of fish searching for their breakfast.  The beaches aren’t yet spoiled by the thousands of visitors.  During these hours you can experience the true solitude and beauty of Pensacola Beach.

Sunset cruises

Parasailing during sunset is a popular option.  The Pensacola sunset is famously beautiful.  People are starting to head to the beach as the beach night life starts to pickup.  Birds are making their final flyover’s for the evening, and fish are starting to surface again as water temperatures fall.

Parasailing Adventure Limitations

You should verify all limitations of the equipment, boat and crew with the company you choose.

Parasail Weight Limit

The minimum weight limits is around 110 pounds to prevent from getting blown around dangerously.  The maximum weight limit is 450 to 500 pounds per flight, depending if you’re going solo or in tandem with another person.  Weight limits may vary due to weather, sea conditions and time of day.

Parasail Height Limitparasailing at pensacola beach

There are not any height limitations.

Parasail Age Limit

The typical minimum age limit is around 3 years old.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardians permission and/or signature.  The minor will have to meet all other criteria.  There is no maximum age limit for parasailing.

Other Parasail Limitations

Women who are pregnant will not be allowed to parasail. Guests with heart, lung, or back problems should not participate.  Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to parasail.

Pensacola Beach Parasailing Prices

Pensacola Beach Parasailing PricesPensacola Beach parasailing costs range between $100 and $160.  Variances in the range is due to single, double, or triple-rider discounts.  Prices may also vary during peak season, by company, or day of the week.  Use the directory below to contact for more precise prices during the day of your choice.

Be sure to ask if they honor discounts.   Parasailing discounts may be offered for senior adults, veterans, or active-duty military personnel.  Other discounts may be for fire fighters, policemen.  Don’t forget about discounts as part of a vacation package offered through a travel agency.


Parasailing FAQ

When is the best time to go parasailing?

It depends! July and August are the hottest months to go parasailing in Pensacola Beach Florida, so that’s a perfect time to go parasailing, and perhaps take a “dunk” in the water.  However, during these summer months, parasailing is busiest so it is more difficult to get your preferred time slot.  During July and August, you will need a reservation, which typically can be done 2-3 days ahead of time.  July is also the rainest month in Pensacola Beach, so that could put a damper on your adventure.  During September and October, the weather is cooler but the summer crowds have slowed down.  No reservations are typically required in these months.  Temperatures during the hottest part of the day are still warm, but you may want to opt for a dry landing.

Morning adventures are often preferred because the waters are more calm along with amazing sunrises.  You can also avoid those afternoon rain-showers, enjoy the cooler temperatures, and rest assured because the boat traffic is lighter in the morning.  Morning may also afford you the chance to see more marine life.  Dolphins and fish feed during the morning hours.

What happens if the rope snaps?

Parasailing lines were intentionally built to two eight thousand pounds of pressure.  However, should the rope snap, your parachute was designed to fall behind you when you land.  Your boat crew will have been trained to respond to such events, though they rarely occur.

Do I have to touch the water?

No, you don’t have to touch the water, but many prefer to take a “dip” because it adds to the thrill of the experience.  Most parasailing crews allow for a dry-landing option, if you prefer.

Do  you need to be physically fit?

You need to be fit enough to weigh under the maximum weight limit.  Otherwise, there are no strenuous activities that require special strength or stamina.

How long will I be flying?

Flight time is around 10-12 minutes.

Can I bring a passenger on the boat who is not parasailing?

You can typically bring one passenger who is not parasailing. There may be a small fee for the ride-along.

Will I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, adults 18 and over will be required to sign a waiver for themselves.  Minors must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver for them.  If you bring a minor who is not your child, you will be required to have the parent or guardian sign the waiver, and it must be notarized.

What weather conditions will you not be allowed to parasail in?

When winds are greater than 20 MPH, or if lightening or storms area approaching, then you will not be permitted to parasail.  Refunds or rain-checks will be issued at the discretion of the captain.

How high will I fly?

The maximum flight height is 600 feet.

What should I bring with me?

Don’t bring anything with you that you don’t want to get wet.  It is recommended that you wear a bathing suit or shorts.  Be sure to bring a waterproof case for your phone or camera.  No shoes are typically permitted.  Further, don’t carry anything loosely, such as car keys in your pocket.  All items should be securely fastened to your person.  Do not forget to wear sunscreen and bring extra with you.

Pensacola Parasailing Directory

These directory links are not paid links. A site’s inclusion on this directory should not be considered an endorsement of their service.  All users should carry out their own due diligence before paying for any services offered.  If we missed including a local business in this directory, please contact us!

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