Finding bike rentals while planning your vacation in Pensacola Beach Florida probably was never at the top of your list.  However, we’ve done the leg work for you to get you going on your journey.  Whether you want a short leisurely ride or a challenging, day-long, trek, we’ll provide all the information you’ll need to get started (and keep going).  If you’re like most adults, it’s been years since you’ve ridden a bike for fun.  Sometimes we forget the little joys, and let me testify, riding a bike is full of joy.

To jog your memory, First, we’ll look at the reasons you should ride a bike on vacation.  Next, we’ll walk you through the steps of renting a bike.  Thirdly, we’ll tell you all the very best places to ride bikes in Pensacola.  Lastly, we’ll answer all of your questions in our FAQ.  After you’re convinced to take the leap, you’ll find the best information and resources to get you riding in no time.  Happy Cycling!

FAQ About Bicycles in Pensacola Beach Florida

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8 Great Reasons to Ride a Bike on Vacation

  • A bike is practical transportation on the beach. Going to the beach is all about lounging, walking, swimming – and riding a bike.  Bicycling is not only the best way to enjoy the magical scenery of Pensacola Beach, but it’s practical too.  If you’re like most, you vacation during the summer months. This means crowded roads, crowded restaurants, and crowded hotel pools.  A bike offers you the opportunity to get away from the crowd.
  • It’s easy to find a parking spot.  Parking anywhere on Pensacola Beach is an unpleasant experience.  Whether you’re headed to dinner or just to the beach, parking lots are crowded and dangerous.  Instead, enjoy a brisk bike ride, beat the traffic and the chaos!
  • Florida's Paved Bike TrailsFinally, a break from all that sand.  After the first few hours of arriving on the beach, there is sand everywhere.  You can’t rinse, shake, brush or walk it off.  On a bike, the wind is your friend and you’ll be sand free for the first time since you arrived.
  • Bicycling is great exercise.  After days of eating all the seafood you can scarf down, chased with a margarita or two, plus dessert (it’s vacation, after all), you’re feeling like a chubby slob.  Riding a bike is great exercise and will pay down the calories you’ve been gobbling and drinking down all week.
  • Fun for the whole family! Biking Pensacola Beach as a family is an amazing (and cheap) way to spend an evening.  Your kids are only going to be this little once, and if  you’ve got teenagers, this is your chance to get them to come out and play with you again.  Your family had enough of riding around in the family car on the way down.  Get out and ride around, wind in your hair, and share memories you will cherish for years to come.
  • Get to know Pensacola Beach intimately.  Riding around in our vacuum sealed, sound proof cars isolates us from all the action.  Do you even hear that local band playing?  How about all the friendly conversation and laughter?  I guarantee you will even find restaurants and shops you didn’t even know existed.
  • Life is slower on a bike, and slowing down is what vacation is all about.  Before you know it, you’ll be doing 75 rushing to get home and unpack the car and deal with whatever has happened in the week you’ve been gone.  Take a little while to slow down, watch the cars drive by and enjoy the moment.
  • Enjoy the rainy day like a kid again.  It’s going to rain one day on vacation, and you’re going to want to stay inside.  When was the last time you rode a bicycle in the rain?  When you were 10, probably.  Riding a bike in the rain is a incredibly fun.  I bet you’ve even forgotten this.  Word of caution, do not ride in a thunderstorm – but an evening shower, sure, be a kid again for a moment.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renting a Bike

Bike Rentals Pensacola Beach Florida

  1. Use the Directory of Bike Rentals near Pensacola Beach Florida to find a local bike rental store.
  2. Research the rental agent to get the best gear and best deal available.  Be sure to ask any questions you may have at this time.  Don’t forget to ask if they offer discounts, such as: military member or dependent, first-responder (police, firefighter), senior discount or discounts for visitors at specific resorts or through your travel agency.  Other discounts that apply could be AARP, AAA, or even if you’re a teacher.
  3. Call the store or reserve your bike online.
  4. Find the best Best Places to Ride a Bike Near Pensacola Beach.
  5. Gather your crew and hustle down to the bike store.  Alternatively, some local shops will drop the bicycles off at your hotel.

Best Places to Ride a Bike Near Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach

Via De Luna drive will take you through Pensacola Beach, there are bike lines stretching from the Bob Sikes Bridge (where Grand Marlin Stands) all the way past Portofino Island Resort.  Once past Portofino, the bike lane moves to the side of highway 98.

You can also ride from Pensacola Beach toward Fort Pickens on Fort Pickens Trail.  This road also has bike paths and typically has less pedestrian and car traffic.  Keep in mind, these bike paths can be busy with walkers during the peak tourist season.  It can be more safe to ride on the road if car traffic is lighter than foot traffic.  Be especially careful in parking lots where cars are backing out and there are many distractions for drivers.

Fort Pickens

Once you pass the last highrise along Pensacola Beach going toward Fort Pickens National Park then there are no places to get water or a snack.  However, the scenery is beautiful out this way.  Keep in mind, the park service requires bicyclists to pay a park entry fee if you want to cycle through the park, which I highly recommend. Bring plenty of water on this ride.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Pensacola Beach BallGulf Islands National Seashore stretches between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach on State Highway 399.  Highway 399 has a speed limit of 25 MPH and has plenty of room to ride on the side of the road.  Since the speed limit is 25 MPH and traffic is generally light once you get 2 miles past Portofino Resort, it’s an extremely beautiful and easy ride.  Two things to caution you about – once you pass Portofino, there are no places to stop and get water, so bring plenty.  Secondly, the wind is seemingly always blowing west to east or east to west, and since the highway runs due west from Pensacola Beach to Navarre Beach, you’re bound to feel the wrath of the wind in one direction.

Naval Live Oaks are of the National Sea Shore in Gulf Breeze

Cross over the Bob Sikes bridge towards Gulf Breeze and take a right on Highway 98.  Once you pass the small shopping plaza on the right, a wide and flat bike path begins.  This path is about 3 miles long and runs adjacent to highway 98, with the Live Oaks to shade you on your right.  From there, you can stop and walk down to the water in several places.  While a little noisy due to the highway traffic, this is otherwise a wonderful bike ride.

Downtown Pensacola

Downtown Pensacola is a vibrant city, but it’s small enough where biking is safe.  There are also plenty of bike paths throughout the city.  Do not attempt to ride your bike over the 3 mile bay bridge into Pensacola.  There are local bike shops to rent bikes from in Pensacola, drive there and enjoy an awesome ride through down town.

Blackwater River State Park

Blackwater River State Park in Milton, Florida offers bike trails if you want to get off the beaten path.  This is an awesome way to spend a few hours away from the beach.  Maps are available and with labels on bike trails.  The Blackwater River is ice cold year around and will offer you a chance to cool down.  Warning, there are lots of mosquitoes during the summer and fall months, take bug spray and lots of it!

Take the Right Gear on Your Beach Bike Ride




FAQ About Bicycles in Pensacola Beach Florida

What type of bicycles can I rent?

Most people rent a beach cruiser.  These sturdy bikes have wide tires and have comfortable seats.  These bikes are available locally in single speed, 3 speed and 7 speeds.  Another popular option to rent at the beach are fat tire bikes.  These bikes offer wider tires for traversing rough terrain and sand.  If you desire, you can even find double-seaters and tricycles.

Are guided bike tours available?

Some local bike rental agents offer guided tours.  Check their websites for more details.

Is bike delivery to my hotel available??

Yes, several local bike rental companies will deliver a bike to your location.  Check out the directory below for more information.

How much does it cost?

Daily bike rentals in Pensacola Beach Florida start at around $10 per day.  However, you can rent a bike for around $100 for a whole week. Partial day rentals and rentals by the hour are also available. Prices will vary slightly depending on which local business you rent from and season in which you rent.  The summer months are the busiest times for bike rental shops, so prices will increase during the summer vacation months.

What’s included with a bike rental?

Typically, a bicycle lock and helmet are included with the rental.  When you park your bike, you should always lock it.  Even if you’re only planning on leaving it for a few minutes, you will be responsible if the bike is stolen.  For an additional cost, you can rent carts or buggies for small children to ride in.

Is there a deposit required?

Most local bicycle rental companies do not require a deposit to rent a bike.  If you return the bike in good condition, any deposits are refundable. However, they will keep your credit card on file as well as your identification.  The rental office may charge a fee, according to your rental contract, if you return your bike with damage.

Do I need a reservation?

We recommend you make a reservation during the peak season (March through July).  However, if bikes are available to rent, a reservation is not required.

Do I have to sign a liability release?

Most local businesses require you to agree to their terms of the lease in a contract.  This contract most often includes a release of liability.

Is there an age requirement to rent a bike?

At least one adult must be present with identification. However, people of all ages and sizes can typically ride a bike with the same group.  Be sure to ask your rental agent if they have specific age limitations on rentals and riding.

What if I return the bike late?

If you return the bike late, you may incur a late fee for or be charged for the additional time you’re on the bike.  Many companies do this because they have their bikes reserved for other customers.  However, if you find yourself in a situation where you realize you will be returning the bike late, call the rental agent and explain your issue and let them know when you intend to return the bike.

What if the bike I’m riding is stolen or damaged?

You will be contractually obligated to be financially responsible for the bike.  However, some companies may offer insurance for an additional fee.  If the bike is stolen, contact the rental office and file a police report.

Can someone else ride the bike I rent?

The contract and waiver you sign typically specifies who should be riding the bike.  If needed, ask the rental office what their policy is.

Should I bring my own tools, pump, spare tube, water bottle?

It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.   If your bike experiences mechanical issues that would leave you stranded, and you have the ability to repair, for example, a flat tire, this may save you time.  However, be sure to ask the rental office their policy as they may not want you to work on their bicycle.  At time of rental, you can ask them what to do if you experience a flat or other mechanical issues.  Most likely, they’ll come and repair or replace the bike.

What should I do if I’m in an accident while riding the bike?

First, make sure you’re okay, seek medical attention if you need it.  Secondly, if another party was involved, you may consider filing a police report.  Do this especially if the collision involved a motorized vehicle, such as a car, truck, motorcycle or scooter.  Lastly, contact the rental office as soon as your able to to report the accident.

bike rentals pensacola beach florida

Can I rent a bike in severe weather?

For the most part, your reservation will be valid regardless of the current weather conditions.  However, should severe weather strike, find a place to stop and find cover.  You can even call the rental office to see if they’ll offer you a ride back to the rental location if the conditions persist.  Be sure to check out the severe weather cancellation policy in the rental office.

Directory of Bike Rentals Near Pensacola Beach Florida

These are not paid or affiliate links. A site’s inclusion on this page should not be considered an endorsement of their service.  All users should carry out their own due diligence before paying for any services offered.  If we missed including a local business in this directory, please contact us!

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